About Us

  • Our History

    Orlando Equity is a small management firm serving Central Florida communities since 2001. Principal Broker, Bridgette Ross has been working in the field of Real Estate and Property Management for over twenty years. Bridgette developed a business plan to provide Owners and Associations solutions affordably to increase their financial stability and allow them to spend their funds on improving their valuable assets. Over the years, a team of talented professionals was assembled into what can be described as a supportive, astute group of intuitive individuals that are accomplished in every aspect of the management field.

    Our experienced Management team will take the initiative on providing professional support to effectively secure qualified tenants for vacant units and providing the Owners with much needed cash flow on their investments. Our team is trained in the most current legislation impacting Landlord Tenant regulation will provide valuable, accurate support for compliance with all regulations.

    As a small firm, Orlando Equity has the flexibility to adapt to a variety of Owner needs. Our goal is the longevity of our relationship with Owners and Tenants we serve by providing sensible solutions and effective service to our clients.

  • Orlando Equity Services

    Orlando Equity is a full service Management Company offering the following services:

    Orlando Equity management tools (tailored to meet the needs of the Client) include:

    • Online Prospect Screening and Qualifying
    • Unit Risk Analysis/Frequent Inspections
    • Marketing of Units (Vacant or Pending Vacancy)
    • Bid Solicitation/Work Order
    • Warranty Fulfillment with Maintenance Concerns
    • Support Services for Insurance Claims
    • Compliance with Rules and Regulations of HOA/Condos
    • Online ACH Payments
    • Monthly Reports to Owners
    • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Services


    • The safekeeping of the Owner's receipts, as well as separate accounts for the safe keeping of tenant deposits.
    • Ensure all funds are retained in a custodial account (in a state or national bank) where deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), separate and apart from Agent’s own funds.
    • Be covered by a fidelity bond or provide Errors and Omissions insurance coverage.
    • Provide secure online payment arrangements for TENANT rental payments.
    • Disburse funds into the Owner's bank accounts (via ACH deposits).
    • Disburse funds to Vendors/HOA/Condo bill payments. Prepare checks for payment of OWNERS obligations for the timely payment of purchased items, utility bills, services, or tax payment.
    • ]Maintain and prepare monthly financial reports for the OWNER]
    • ]Prepare and delivery an annual 1099 Misc. tax form accounting for all income received on behalf of the OWNER on an annual basis.]
    • ]Maintain a general ledger to reflect cost code accounting of all OWNER disbursements.]
    • Maintain, on a daily basis, individual account statements for each TENANT– on which there are posted debits and credits to include monthly computations of interest and/ or late charges due on past-due or delinquent accounts.
    • Assess interest, late fees, collection costs and/or attorney’s fees to accounts as outlined in the management agreement and/or lease and mail collection notices to all TENANTS who are past due in payment of assessments.
    • Review and verify all invoices and charges to the OWNER by vendors and contractors on a monthly basis to ensure compliance with contracted services and goods.
    • Procure and maintain back-up documentation to support vendor and/or contractor charges.
    • Help OWNERS keep costs under control by suggesting improvements in existing systems or procedures where reductions can be expected by experience or exposure to such improvements.
    • Maintain accounting records in a systematic method so that access is available to properly authorized individuals.
    • As directed by the OWNER, the AGENT shall arrange for the COLLECTION attorney to prepare notices for delinquent rents, or other fines, and, when appropriate, prepare files for eviction. As directed by the OWNER, AGENT will forward necessary documentation to COLLECTION attorney for legal action.


    • Assignment of one Licensed MANAGER to the OWNER who shall be designated to manage the affairs of the OWNER.
    • Ensure that the assigned MANAGER is licensed in accordance with Florida Statutes and all continuing education requirements are met.
    • Manager will become thoroughly familiar with all of the Rental property including, but not limited to, the Property Rules, Conditions and Restrictions, By-Laws, Policies and Guidelines or any HOA or Condo.
    • Act as the OWNER'S primary liaison with other formal entities such as attorneys, realtors, developers, and contractors.
    • Act in an advisory capacity to the OWNER.
    • Inform the Board of Directors of legislation that may affect the ASSOCIATION.
    • Take action on those items assigned to AGENT by direction of the OWNER in a timely manner.
    • Receive and distribute all correspondence addressed to OWNER on a regular basis.
    • Compose outgoing correspondence as directed.
    • Draft advertisements in compliance with governing laws, showcasing available properties, photographs and details of features.
    • Solicit corporate housing partners and relocation services for PROSPECTS.
    • Offer prrty Tours and Showings to Qualified Prospects.
    • Maintain current records for the OWNER including, but not limited to, correspondence files, leases, insurance policies, contracts, financial records, and other pertinent official records.
    • Arrange for mailing or other distribution of Tenant notices required by law, or as required by the Owner.
    • Support the OWNER should the become involved in litigation or pre-litigation resulting in research, document preparation, deposition, testimony, etc.
    • Provide an information package/letter to new tenants, which will include notification of Agent’s contract with OWNER, emergency telephone numbers, payment coupons and the name and phone number of the Association’s property manager within 3 days after receiving notification of a new owner.
    • Respond to all telephone calls/emails by close of business of the next business day after receipt.
    • Advise the OWNER of any significant difficulties or potential problems within twenty-four (24) hours of such matters coming to the Agent’s attention. AGENT shall notify OWNER within a reasonable period of time given the circumstances of any fire, material accident or other casualty, condemnation proceedings, rezoning or other governmental order, lawsuit or threat thereof involving the OWNER property.
    • Provide monthly financial detail report.


    • Ensure that contractors are fully licensed and insured, including Workers’ Compensation Insurance (or waiver if applicable), if the contractor’s employees are working on the OWNER'S property.
    • Ensure any necessary permits have been obtained before contractor begins work. Any and all costs to be born by the OWNER unless provided by contractor.
    • Diagnose and troubleshoot maintenance problems, determine repair methods and determine the alternative use of outside contractors in making repairs.
    • Visit the PROPERTY no less than every other MONTH to: 1) Evaluate the material condition of the OWNERS assets 2) Conduct property, building, equipment and landscape inspections and document deficiencies and 3) Direct correction by appropriate personnel/vendors within 24hours. 4) Follow-up to insure completion within 30 days. 5) Supervise contracted employees 6) Issue a written report of findings and actions to the OWNER in the monthly report.
    • Receive record, arrange for correction and follow up on satisfactory completion of service requests from TENANTS for maintenance and repairs of the common elements and/or individual lots/units is applicable.
    • Issue and retain records of work orders to maintenance people and contractors requesting performance of necessary maintenance and repairs.
    • Meet as required with OWNERS on site to evaluate and correct deficiencies of material condition or performance of contracted employees.
    • Obtain competitive bids and make recommendations to OWNERS relating to contract services. Make awards as agreed to by OWNERS.
    • Have the authority to make emergency repairs as may be required because of danger to life or property, or which are immediately necessary for the preservation of safety of OWNER'S ASSET or its TENANTS, or are required to avoid the suspension of any necessary services to OWNER.
    • Provide a system, for the residents to have a properly qualified person available to handle emergencies affecting the entire association. Such service will be available to residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Unless otherwise directed by the OWNER, obtain three bids and board approval for all non-contracted expenses in excess of $1000.
    • Verify completed work to specifications within any applicable Request for Proposal.
    • Implement an effective task order tracking system to determine the status and condition of tasks that cost more than $1,000.00 as they move toward completion. Please click here to contact an Orlando Equity Specialist in regard to the indicated service denoted above. (links to contact us page)

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